Apple Trade In: how does it work and is it a good deal for your old iPhone?

The stock would then need to gain those 10 cents to hit breakeven on the trade. Those looking to trade volatility can also engage in more advanced strategies like straddles and strangles. If the future is different from the past, and the past is what the system is based on, it will inevitably lead to frustrating (or even fatal) results. The idea that buying and selling activity is broadly conditioned on where price crested or reached a trough in the past (and is somehow obvious and easily exploitable) is a naïve assumption. Some might use moving average crossovers as buy and sell signals. Such events, usually involving 2-3 moving averages, are meant to be taken as a change in trend when they all crossover from a previous trend and align with the new one.

  1. The iPhone maker has seen revenue decline for each of its past four reported quarters, and there are questions heading into its earnings report about whether that stretch will extend to a fifth quarter.
  2. Under a worst-case scenario, analysts predicted that 32 per cent of Apple’s entire business could be disrupted.
  3. IPhone sales of $69.7 billion were up from $65.8 billion and above Wall Street consensus.
  4. Activist investors might also target capital structure improvements in a company they hold a stake in.
  5. We can also infer from the perpetuity growth model what this terminal EBITDA multiple would be.
  6. We covered these concepts in greater details in our article on the big three economic and market equilibriums.

To execute the trade, buyers have to execute at the ask (sometimes called the offer) while sellers have to execute at the bid, or somewhere agreed to in between. In a closed system where the past is likely to be a very good guide to the future (e.g., a game of chess) this approach can work well. However, in trading, such over-fitting and reliance on past data is generally not appropriate. But using these approaches naively will fail to identify the cause and effect relationships behind the performance. The danger is in using the past to design over-fitted strategies based on historical performance. Stocks can also be influenced, in a pure technical sense, by their underlying options markets.

Apple Trade In lets you recycle your iPhone (and some Android smartphones), iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch for cash that you can use in-store. The money can be used in exchange for a new purchase or can pivot reversal strategy be applied as credit on a gift card to be used at a later date either in-store or online. The catch, is that quite often, sites might retroactively reduce the value of the device you’ve sent in.

Apple’s September-quarter sales landed at $89.5bn, down less than 1% from a year ago as the tech giant’s China exposure continued to dwindle. Unfortunately, the financial crisis of the late 2000’s would spell an end to Apple’s good times. As concerns of Steve Jobs’ deteriorating health proliferated, Apple began diversifying from computers, adding consumer electronics like iPod and iPhone. On a standard stock trade where the underlying is owned, that would come to a return of 13.3 percent ($2,500 / $18,750).

How long does the online trade-in process take?

If Apple stock is below $500 by the expiration date, one only loses the $27 per share premium. If Apple were to land in-the-money (ITM), the profit would be the difference between the price at maturity and the strike minus the premium. Many traders also combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis. Fundamental analysis helps generate an understanding of where an instrument should reasonably trade.

The circular shape houses a park and a pond and there are many amenities within the facility including cafes, a wellness center, care clinics, and terminals for the shuttle system. The best MacBook you can trade-in is the MacBook Pro, but they also accept the Air and the regular MacBook too. Desktop-wise, you can trade-in both the iMac and iMac Pro, Mac Pro, and the Mac mini. Your iPhone’s trade-in value will be determined based on its condition, so this is the absolute maximum you can expect to receive for each device. Issues such as a cracked or broken screen, buttons that don’t work, or any water damage could severely reduce your value, even to $0. The most recent iPhone you can trade in is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is worth up to $650.

Tim Cook Opens Up On Apple Watch Ban, Licensing Masimo’ Tech: ‘We’re Focused On Appeal’

IPhone sales of $69.7 billion were up from $65.8 billion and above Wall Street consensus. David Jagielski has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. While iPhones will be the main focal point on the call, investors will also likely want to hear a bit about Apple’s newest device, the $3,499 Vision Pro mixed-reality headset.

What is Apple’s Trade In program?

Whether they get much information there, however, is another story. Apple’s stock has lost about 3% in the year to date, while the S&P 500 is up by the same amount. Wall Street will be most focused on the health of the iPhone business when Apple’s management holds its earnings call — and the Street is particularly interested in iPhone trends in China.

Shares repurchase plans are typically a sign that the company’s management believes its stock is undervalued. Tim Cook took over the role of CEO in 2011 shortly before the death of Steve Jobs. Cook joined the company in 1988 as Senior VP of Global Sales and went on to become Executive VP of Global Operations before taking on the chief executive role. In his tenure, Mr. Cook has more than doubled Apple’s revenue and earnings while growing the company’s value by more than 450%. Both Apple Trade In and other recycling sites are probably a better option for most people, though there’s nothing wrong with the DIY eBay route if you’re fine with a little extra work.

Apple’s Recent Developments

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is a global technology company that designs, manufactures, and sells smartphones, personal computers, tablets, wearables, and accessories. Some of its main products include the iPhone, the Mac line of personal computers and laptops, the iPad, the Apple Watch, and Apple TV. The company also has a fast-growing services business that includes its iCloud cloud service and its digital streaming-content services, such as Apple Music and Apple TV+. We maintain our $160 fair value estimate for shares of wide-moat Apple as we lower our short-term revenue forecast but raise our expectations for profitability. Apple’s December quarter iPhone revenue and gross margin exceeded our expectations.


At market close on February 28, Apple’s stock price was $44.88 per share. Throughout the 1990’s, Apple stock price would swing violently. But by the time the 2000 boom rolled around, Apple’s stock price skyrocketed above the $30 mark. Some traders like to use price levels, trendlines, and various other indicators as part of their analysis. But it’s important to not get overly hung up on a certain level or trend or anything related to something that is based on what happened in the past. For example, if a market maker is underwriting put options, it will often hedge that exposure (because of the limited upside, large downside) by delta hedging the position.

As with any equity, quarterly earnings announcements, as well as the financial performance of the wider stock market are two crucial factors to watch when deciding how Apple stock might perform. Something more specific to Apple is how sales affect the stock price. Apple’s stock price is affected by iPhone sales primarily – as this is the largest revenue generator for the company, but also iPad and Mac sales (which combined make up almost 20% of revenue). As well as this, the invention of new products is a major driver of Apple’s stock price. For example, when Apple announced the Apple Watch, the stock price rallied the following day.

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